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Working Together for Fast Fleets with EngineWise™

June 2017

The future of jet engine maintenance is truly exciting, and traveling at mach speed. Real data from real engines is flying into our server farms fast. New solutions are forming rapidly, so fleet health can become more and more predictable, and engines can perform efficiently and reliably at levels never seen before.

That’s why we at Pratt & Whitney have been increasing our focus on innovation and clarity in our service solutions. And that’s why EngineWiseTM was rolled out at MRO Americas.

“EngineWiseTM is all about sharing engine expertise and fleet intelligence with customers to help them optimize engine performance and keep their operations running smoothly,” according to Chris Calio, president of Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines. “EngineWise better represents what we offer and how we’re evolving to improve the health of our fleets.”

EngineWise is designed to help you face increasing demands and make smarter decisions about servicing your fleet. With this new service portfolio, we’re addressing your needs through four focus areas:

State-of-the-art data analytics. Using advanced data analytics, we’re improving fleet dispatch reliability and reducing maintenance burden. Our new eFAST system on the PW1500G-powered Bombardier C Series aircraft captures 5,000 engine and aircraft parameters throughout the full flight cycle instead of just a few snapshots at takeoff and cruise. More than 4 million data points are collected during a typical flight, enabling quicker technical resolution and reduction of unscheduled maintenance on engines and components. “The full flight data access and accuracy from eFAST allows us to identity and validate root cause and corrective action much faster,” says Karine Lavoie-Tremblay, eFAST Program Manager. “We are working to extend eFAST technology to other aircraft models in the near future.”

Investments in technology and resources. To better support you and your engines, we’re enhancing our capabilities through significant investments. For example, a new remote video borescope tool deployed to our customer support reps rapidly diagnoses and resolves issues in the field. What once took days to investigate and resolve can now often be done in hours or minutes. “By using this technology, we’re able to engage in almost immediate virtual collaboration with technicians anywhere,” explains Ed Lagoy, Customer Support Director. “This service innovation presents tremendous value to customers by solving their issues in real time and keeping their fleet running smoothly.”

Connecting with customers. Joining your expertise with our experience, we’re moving away from traditional “fix-and-deliver” service models to working closer, more hand-in-hand with you. We’ve increased the number of customer support reps by 40 percent in the past 18 months, and we are enhancing our FleetCare™ customer portal with improved tools and functionality. Building on the 140,000 hours of customer training we provided last year, we’re committed to enhancing our customer training at our state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S., China and India with 3-D animation and VR technology.

Smart, straightforward solutions. EngineWise simplifies our services portfolio and introduces new offerings to support customers’ evolving needs. In addition to our current offerings of fleet management programs, engine overhaul services and material solutions, we are working with customers to develop new offerings across the entire life cycle – covering both mature engines and new products, like the PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ engine.

Pratt & Whitney is continuing our journey of meeting today’s demands while continuously setting the standard for the future. Our new EngineWise service portfolio is no different. “We’re always striving to be better at supporting our customers and developing new industry-leading solutions,” said Rick Deurloo, senior vice president, Pratt & Whitney Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. “EngineWise is our commitment to keep inventing and continue investing to find improved ways to service our product and our customers. It drives us to be better now and into the future.”

Together, with our customers, we’re pushing the industry of flight forward.

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