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On Big Data, Engine Health Monitoring and the PW GTF

December 2018

We’ve been working hard.

Since we first offered ADEM™ (Advanced Diagnostic and Engine Monitoring) services some 15 years ago we’ve helped our customers avoid hundreds of engine events a year – reflecting savings – in the realm of tens of millions of dollars. Statistics like these could only be achieved by working together – hand in hand – with you – our customers, and learning along the way how to better leverage our expertise and technology to provide the industry standard in Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) services.

But we haven’t stopped there.

In 2015 we launched eFAST™ (enhanced Flight data Acquisition Storage and Transmission) upgrading proven Pratt & Whitney Canada technology and responding to a need identified by our EHM teams to analyze full flight data. We realized that by incorporating full flight data we would be able to provide visibility and understanding beyond what traditional take-off, cruise and landing snap-shot data allowed. This is just one of the many ways we have been investing in our customers, and to make things a little simpler, we’ve also rebranded!

Our EngineWise® EHM services portfolio comes in two flavors – Data or Insights.  With EngineWise Data, we provide a full flight data package with up to 4 million data points1 allowing you and your team to analyze, draw conclusions – and make timely data-based decisions. With EngineWise Insights our specialized team of analysts go to work on your behalf, leveraging decades of industry expertise to offer personalized insights and recommendations from your fleet’s data. This allows you and your team to focus more on flying and less on maintenance – and with over 8,000 engines monitored 24/7 you’ll be the first to know if something needs to be looked at or inspected.

Lastly, we realize that the value of analyzing data is immense, whether it’s from our own system or that of a competitor’s. That’s why we are actively enhancing ADEM™ by enabling it with the ability to analyze data from multiple, different capture systems. These enhancements will soon create additional value for all of our EngineWise customers because insights aren’t just convenient, they also improve the reliability and availability of the engine. To date, our efforts so far have been largely felt by our customers, even prompting this response from a customer over an averted event, “This had the potential to be a serious matter, but it was corrected before it could become a safety of flight issue… To all involved, you have my sincere appreciation…”  As a company, safety is one of our cardinal rules, and what’s more, we are still investing heavily into EHM technology, strengthening our ability to provide enhanced analytics and more comprehensive support.

1 When eFAST™ is paired with a Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engine

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